Our professional team has extensive experience and proven solvency in health projects and adds to its capabilities the holistic conception of its proposals and the multidisciplinary response to its clients.

Our team is also supported by a network of expert collaborators that complements its own specialty areas, where necessary.

Lourdes Cillero Jiménez

For Lourdes, as Hebbel said, "Believing that something is possible makes it certain" and she starts the projects with that certainty, those ones created by Unique and those conceived by clients. The highlights among her abilities are, a great facility to transmit the knowledge, her speaking capacity and her ability to find those points in common ...

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María Teresa Alonso Argul

Marité brings to Unique the characteristic of making easy the difficult because for her "Impossible only means that you haven’t found the solution yet.". Her personal characteristics are the ideal framework for the development of her capacities within multidisciplinary teams (engineers, managers, health professionals). Her tastes for sports, ...

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Carolina Muñoz Rubio

Carol fully aligns herself  with the Pablo Picasso's philosophy: "Inspiration does exist, but it must find you working." Therefore, it is the work with countless challenges which allows her to contribute actively and creatively in the contribution of innovative solutions but always looking for improvement in the provision of health for people and ...

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